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Elite Karate & Krav Maga

Do you want to change your life by dedicating yourself to becoming fit, healthy, and most of all gain the ability to defend you and your loved ones in a dire situation?

If you are interested REAL SELF- PROTECTION, you should check out the Krav Maga Self-Defense classes at Elite Karate in East Hartford, Connecticut. Krav Maga is a tactical martial art that was made to allow for anyone to defend themselves from an attacker, no matter their size or ability.

Created by the Elite Israeli Defense Force to assure that no matter who was on the other side, they could have the advantage, Krav Maga has become a mainstay in the martial arts world. Nobody knows when a situation might dictate a need for you to be on the defense, but shouldn't you be ready if it ever was to happen? By taking our classes, you are arming yourself with just that ability.

Since its creation, parts of this amazing martial art has been taught to American armed services such as the NAVY SEALS, and agents of the CIA. This was done to keep them ready in case of any potential problem, as well as keeping them STRONG, FIT, and ready for ACTION.

The Elite Karate Krav Maga program is going to prepare you with the knowledge and skills to defend against the types of attacks you might run into. Whether your assailant uses chokes, punches, kicks, or is coming at you with a knife or gun, we will give you the toolbox of skills you need to help keep you and your family alive.

With our system you are going to get TOUGHER, get FASTER, and be PREPARED.

Even coming into the program with a modicum of knowledge on how to fight and defend yourself, we are going to help you with your strikes to hone them into true weapons. All the while, you will be getting the workout of a lifetime. By the end of our program, there is no way that you will not be in AMAZING PHYSICAL CONDITION.

Our Staff!

Let's not forget our amazing staff that has been professionally trained and guided to be able to give you the instruction you need to learn to succeed. With decades of combined experience, it is their job for you to reach your goals. Care has been taken into making sure that you are always safe and protected while learning both the attacks and defense maneuvers. Aside from turning you into a skilled martial artist, we want to assure your safety throughout the process.

Many martial arts classes take a long time for you to start to notice results. We have a commitment that shows, and our students, even after just a couple of classes, talk of how much more confident they are in their skills and in their own personal disciplines. Learning a martial art means never being content, and we will continue to push you to higher and higher goals to build you into a titan. You will find that the more you learn from Elite Karate, the more you gain in your day to day life.

No matter your skill and experience level, our dedicated staff are going to make sure that the pace you move at is the pace that is perfect for you. Whether you are toned and already in great athletic shape, or working on a paunch and fearing the treadmill. Elite Karate & Krav Maga is made to help you in changing that ethic and making you fit, and more so, allowing you to defend those you love if the need ever arose.

Give us a call at 860-569-0545 and schedule to join one of our classes, it is the beginning of one of the greatest adventures of your life.